Things that make you go: Huh?

The other day I stopped in at the end of a training session for one of our new modules.  Everyone seemed to be looking forward to using the new module.  Then one of the attendees asked why the reports were not ready.  I tried to explain that our priority was to get the parts of the system that are used to enter and edit data ready first.  Then while all of the groups are being trained (about 2 weeks), we would go back and work on the reports.  They then said that they feel that the reports were more important.  I tried to further explain that without the ability to get the data into the system, there would be nothing to report on.  Then they asked if the senior managment of the organization agreed with my priorities.  I really wanted to say, ‘Huh?’ but instead just walked out of the room and started laughing.

MGM – Lights, Motors, Action

Today we went back to the parks for the first time since last May.  We decided to go to MGM to see the new Lights, Motors, Action show.  It is a pretty awesome show.  I’ve included a few pictures from the show in the Photos section to the left, but not so many that you won’t want to see it live.  If you go, be sure to a FastPass for this one because while the seating area is hugh, it seemed like at least half the park was drawn to each show and there are only 3 shows daily.  Of course, if you’ve already seen the show, it is a good time to get in line for some of the other rides that usually have long lines.