Opportunities Abound

It’s that time of year when teens are packing their bags and preparing to go off to school.  I know this all too well because our daughter will be going off to college soon and I’m still trying to figure out where all the years have gone.

But not everyone goes off to college.  Either due to financial reasons, grades, or just lack of initiative, many students graduate high school and immediate start to look for a career or at least something to do other than watching Sponge Bob every day.  Ok, they can get a job and still watch Sponge Bob because with most cable companies, it seems like Sponge has pretty much soaked up all of the available time that is not being used by reality TV shows and the current war on terrorism news.

Anyway, as I too was finishing a semester of teaching ASP.NET at a local community college, I picked up an ‘Employment Guide’ to see just who is trying to attract our young adult population into jobs.  Of course, there were the ads for colleges and community colleges hoping to attract students who after working all summer behind a cash register have come to the conclusion that being a cashier for the rest of their life may not be the way to cash into the American dream.

There were also a wide variety of job listings for restaurants, professional cold-call sales reps, appointment specialists, housekeepers, cable installers and warehouse workers.  There was even a position to play the part of a mouse at a park, but I cannot imagine anyone wanting to do that.  But what amazed me was the number of jobs for truck drivers.  I guess if you think about it as you are driving down the local interstate being passed on both sides by big rigs with double trailers, there must be a real shortage of drivers.  Otherwise, each of those trailers would be traveling down the road separately.   Some of the ads even advertise as much as a six-figure income potential, of course you probably have to drive 24 hour days 365 days a year, meet unrealistic time schedules, brave any weather from snow storms to hurricanes, and maintain a spotless driving record.  Ok, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but you do get to see the country and some of the ads even promoted the fact that they provide hands-on training.

And what about those postal workers?  The ad quoted an average pay of $57,000 per year with a minimum starting salary of $18 per hour.   Even that minimum translates into $36,000 per year.

Finally, there seems to be a real need for people in the medical industry.  There was even an ad to become a Medical Assistant, no HS Diploma or GED required.  Think about that the next time you are in the doctor’s office.  But I guess that is one way to cut medical costs.  There were also ads to get your high school diploma (for those positions that still have that archaic requirement) in only 4 WEEKS!!!  Why spend years of studying in high school when you can catch up in just one month.

One last observation.  A company that hires support services for the one local airport requires that applicants must pass a drug screening and finger printing test and be able to speak and write English fluently.  Now that first part is sounds like a real good idea, but when was the last time you were at an airport and you could actually understand something one of airport service people actually said to you? 

Anyway, keep looking for those interesting jobs.  You have at least until August 22 to find that job that will last you a lifetime.  What is August 22nd you ask?   Glad you asked.  That is when people who like to play with your fears say that Iran is going to respond to the UN demand that they cease and desist from any nuclear development by lighting up the skies over Israel.  Yeah, yeah, just another attempt to freak people out about the end of the world.  Sure the Iranians hate Israel.  They hate them almost as much they hate us.  But even if they do decide it’s time to wipe Israel off the face of the map as the president of Iran has been quoted as saying to send everyone to meet Allah, I’d rather not know in advance.  So don’t worry about it.  Send your kids out to get a job or an education or both.  It will be good for America; it will be good for them.

God Bless America!


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