Reductification – Resolution 2 & 3

Ever think that you have too much?  Too much free time?  Too much debt?  Too much time spent in front of the TV?  Too much clutter?  Too much wasted time?  Too much time lost that you can never get back?
Ok, I have two things that I want to attack this year as having too much (actually I probably have more than that, but two is a good start right?).  The first thing I have too much of is too much junk in my home office.  Much of it has accumulated over the 13 years we have been in this house.  A little bit added here and a little bit added there and soon it has become difficult to turn around without bumping to piles of something or other.  So my first goal in this resolution is to reduce the amount of clutter by summer so that I can once again see the floor.  Things that I haven’t looked at in years (like old technical magazines) will go in the trash.  Old books of obsolete software will also be thrown out.  Old 3.5" diskettes will be also be thrown out with anything I really need to save archived to CD or DVD. 
The second thing I really intend to reduce is my weight, may not by a third like the junk in my room, but by at least 50 pounds.  That will be quite the challenge, but last year I started to lose weight and managed to make it to 20 pounds before I got stuck and stayed stuck.  I intend to get rid of the rest of the pounds that I did not get rid of last year.
Well that’s it for today.  Thought I would also reduce the size of this entry while I was at it.

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