Re-Education – Resolution 4

There always seems like there is so much to learn and so little time to learn it.  Sometimes I’m tempted to just let the tide of technology roll over me because it seems like by the time I learn something, it is replaced by a new technology. 
Nearly a decade ago, I started to learn about a new technology called the Internet.  I spent a great deal of time and effort to learn about HTML and how to build simple static web pages.  Soon, static pages became boring and everyone looked at ways to make their pages dynamic.  That lead to the study of scripting technology using both VB Script and JavaScript.  But this was still not good enough and soon the use active server pages (ASP) became the new technology of the web. 
It was interesting times but as the .Net bubble burst, I migrated back to database technology where I spent most of my professional career.  But FoxPro was no longer a strong leader so I turned back to SQL Server which I had previously dabbled in previously.
Now, thanks to a very interesting job promotion, I find myself primed to return to the Internet in the form of SharePoint Server which coincidentally also uses SQL Server.  But this change will require a massive amount of re-education again.  While I still am very familiar with the techniques of HTML, DHTML, ASP, and even the newer .NET languages, There is much that has changed since I first learned FrontPage to create web pages.  In addition, this comes at a time when SQL Server has made a major improvement in its technology.  SQL Server 2005 now supports .Net languages and the new SSIS greatly improves the old DTS.  However, to become comfortable with all of these technologies will require study, a great deal of study.
So my #4 resolution is to spend at least 8 hours a week studying the new technologies needed to become proficient and excel in these new technologies.

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