Started New LinkedIn Group

Today I started a new LinkedIn group named: SharePoint OOB for SharePoint Out-of-the-Box.  This will be a place where SharePoint administrators who want to take full advantage of the features built into SharePoint and the other related Office products can meet to exchange ideas, discussed their discoveries and explore together the power of SharePoint out of the box.  I hope to see discussions that include using SharePoint Designer and Visio to create workflows.  Excel Services with and without Power Pivot to analyze data, Access Services to build applications using Access wizards, and InfoPath Form Server to create forms for end-users.  Often times the simple solution will get you all that you really need and the time expended developing overly complex programs is a luxury that we cannot afford in this day when we are all being asked to do more with less.

I will also welcome discussions on 3rd party web parts that can save you from coding.  Please however, post these in the Promotions area.  Also I am not looking for vendors trying to sell their software here.  If I see something that looks like an ad, I will delete it. 

Finally, while I do not really intend this to become just another job site, I will accept job posting only for SharePoint related positions and you must post them in the Jobs area or I will delete them.

I will be the first to admit that I’m new at creating this group thing and will probably make mistakes along the way.  However, my primary wish is to further the growing SharePoint community that is discovering the power that the SharePoint platform provides.  In many ways, the packaging of all the different capabilities in SharePoint is much like the packaging of ETL, Integration Services, Analytic Services, Reporting Services, and more within the SQL Server platform. 

I will also admit that not every application need can be met with SharePoint out of the box.  In fact, there are times when coding may be the only way to meet a specific goal.  However, there are several other very good groups in LinkedIn that can offer that extra help should you need to resort to coding your solution.

Over the next few weeks, I plan on doing a dive into using Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and will be dual posting findings in both this blog and the group SharePoint OOB

What SharePoint OOB feature do you get excited about?  Tell us about it by starting a discussion thread. 

See you later.


Registered for both Code Camp Orlando and Jacksonville SQLSaturday

I registered today for both Code Camp Orlando and Jacksonville SQL Saturday.  I hope to do one of my Pivot Table/Pivot Chart presentations, but I’ve also included a new presentation on using External Data Content Types with SharePoint and how to surface that data through Outlook, Word, and InfoPath.  Code Camp Orlando is right around the corner, March 26, 2011 at Seminole State College (, and Jacksonville SQL Saturday is only one month after that on April 30, 2011 at the University of North Florida Campus in Jacksonville, FL 32224 (  and look for Jacksonville)