The End of the World….Or Not

Someone is always coming up with a new end-of-world scenario.  For several years the most popular one has been the Mayan calendar ending on about December 21, 2012.  Supposedly this scenario was somehow tied to either the reversal of the magnetic poles which would usher in massive tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanos, and more.  Some people even tried to tie the Mayan calendar cycle to the cycle in which our solar system passes through the galactic plane.  Maybe that needs a bit of an explanation.  As the solar system revolves around the Milky Way galaxy, it oscillates between being above the galactic plane and below it.  Looked at on edge, this oscillation almost looks like a wave form.  Now if the galactic plane contains more dust and junk than the area above or below (like the rings of Saturn), going through the galactic plane could pose a greater chance for collision with some of this junk.  Not one to miss a good disaster to make some money just in case the disaster does not happen, Hollywood even came out with a movie with bigger than life special effects that pretty much destroyed the world as we know it.

Not to be outdone, the folks that believe in Planet X (is it Planet IX now that Pluto is no longer considered a planet?) and its periodic appearance in the inner solar system where it creates havoc resurrected the story about Planet Nibiru.  In the last year or so, they have published dozens of videos on YouTube to not only explain about what was going to happen, but to also show videos of the supposed second star of the Nibiru system (if not Nibiru itself).  Of course Nibiru would also create massive earthquakes, flooding, and possibly a pole reversal.  (Doesn’t every good disaster do that?)

They said that Nibiru would come from the south.  Some others said it would come from behind the sun.  Wait a minute, doesn’t that sound contradictory?  The Sun is not over the Antarctic.  Rather it appears above the equator plus or minus about 23 degrees due to the tilt of Earth’s axis.  But they had to explain why millions of amateur astronomers around the world in the Northern hemisphere did not spot something as large as a planet, but they could spot comets crashing into Jupiter a few years ago.

Nibiru is supposedly somewhere in size between the moon and a small brown star.  That’s a pretty wide range.  It is also supposed to pass close to Earth within 5 to 10 Earth diameters.  One video makes the obvious mistake of saying that the Earth’s diameter is 25,000 miles so 10 Earth diameters would be about 250,000 miles or the distance to the moon.  Well half right.  The moon is about 250,000 miles from Earth, but the Earth diameter is only a little under 8,000 miles.  Sorry.  But even if their 10 Earth diameters were correct, an object the size of the moon coming as close as a distance of 80,000 miles should be visible long before it get there.

Maybe it is cloaked?

No, that’s even more ridiculous.

Dark matter?

Anyway, so they then said that it is coming in at a terrific rate of speed.  Ok, that is possible.  After all the speed at which our solar system whips around the Milky Way is 446,400 MPH.  If Nibiru is not travelling with us, but is going in almost the opposite direction, I suppose it could approach fast.  However, at twice the speed we are travelling around the Milky Way, it would take 104 hours or 4 days to travel the distance between our sun and earth.  So taking that extreme case, it is possible to come in very quickly within a few days ‘out of nowhere’ to slam into the earth.  A little more realistic is the fact that we are travelling around the sun at about 69,000 MPH.  Something orbiting the sun in the exact opposite direction would therefore result in about twice the speed on impact.  It would cover the distance between the sun and Earth in about 675 hours or a little over 28 days.

Another video said that Nibiru is being tracked by the radio dish in Puerto Rico.  Unfortunately, that seems unlikely as this radio dish is dug into a bowl shaped depression in the earth and cannot really be moved, especially not to see something coming out of the southern sky.

They also said that it would approach Earth twice as it came through the inner solar system and the exited again, once on August 17th and a second time on September 26th.  Well August 17th has passed and nothing significant happened.  September 26th is just around the corner as I post this, so I would have to ask, ‘Where is this planet?’  I want to see it!’

I suppose September 26th will come and go just like any other day.  Furthermore, December 21st will arrive and we will still wake up to December 22nd to realize that since we survived the Mayan calendar, we have only 3 days left to do last minute shopping for Christmas.  (Although I cannot wait for the going out of business permanently sales on December 20th.)

In all seriousness, there are things out there in the Universe that are bigger than us and could pose a danger to survival on this planet.  Just look at the craters on our Moon, Mars, or any of the other satellites and planets our space missions have been able to take pictures of.  The dinosaurs probably laughed at their scientists who predicted that a huge meteor was heading directly to earth.  The problem is that too many people are hoping for a planetary disaster.  These are probably the same people who like to watch videos of car crashes, building fires, reality TV, and maybe even live footage of riots in Egypt and other Middle East countries (isn’t that another form of reality TV?).

At some time in the future, something out there will take aim at Earth and I only hope that by then we have the intelligence and the will to explore other planets and maybe even nearby star systems so some of mankind will survive.  In the meantime, I expect to be publishing these blog entries for a really long time to come.

C’ya next time…..unless…wait….what is that up in the sky?

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