Election Day and the PASS Summit

Today is Election Day in the United States and I hope all of you who live here have or will take the time to go out and vote.  I live in a state that has early voting so I was able to cast my vote last week, which is a good thing because I am travelling today.  Voting is a privilege that we all should take seriously.  It is not a ‘right’ as some would have you believe because rights cannot be taken away and they are not granted by man or man’s government.  You may not always get want you want when you vote, but at least you have the opportunity to express your opinion.  In fact, I do not believe that anyone should complain about the government if they did not take the time to vote for each of the candidate positions.  By voting, I feel I have a ‘right’ to complain when politicians go back on their promises or make things worse like increasing the deficit or creating more unemployment or underemployment.  Therefore, if you did not get out of your chair to go vote, I do not want to hear your complaints.

Today I am actually on a plane heading for the great northwest, Seattle Washington, for the SQL PASS Summit.  I am not a fan of travel or of most airlines.  It feels like they are herding cattle.  I am about 6’3” and the space between rows of seats is just not enough in most planes.  Who designs the seats anyway?  Contortionists?  My knees are usually up against the back of the seat in front of me and if they try to push their seat back I feel like I’ve just been placed in a coffin with the lid closed.  The only airline I like is Jet Blue, but I got stuck on a United flight so next week I’ll tell you more about the fun of flying United, assuming that I can stand up and walk off the plane.

Anyway, I am going to the PASS Summit as I mentioned above.  I have never been to the Summit even though I have used SQL Server for 15 years now.  I am going because I have been lucky enough to be chosen as a speaker for this year’s summit.  I am speaking on using the DAX language.  Interestingly, DAX, as those of you who have been reading my technical blog entries on Saturdays know, is the language of not only PowerPivot, but also the Tabular mode of SQL Server Analysis Services.  It will be interesting to see what others attendees are doing with Business Intelligence and Analysis Services.

It should also be interesting to see some of the things around Seattle.  There is Pike’s Fish Market and the Seattle Needle among other things close to the convention center.  My wife Susan is going along.  We planned this a few months ago and her current illness will not stop us.  BTW, the news was not great from her tests.  In fact, it was rather bad, and we will have to come up with a plan of action when we get back next week.  I just hope that she will not have any bad painful days while we are away.

I checked the weather forecast for Seattle and surprise, it calls for showers every day that we are there.  I do not know what showers mean in Seattle.  Here in Florida it means that it might rain for 10 or 15 minutes sometime during the day and be sunny the rest of the day.  It is also about 10-20 degrees colder than here in Florida although the difference between the high and low temperature is not as dramatic as here.

In any case, it should be an interesting and hopefully a fun trip.  If any of you who may be reading this will also be at the PASS Summit, stop by my presentation on Friday afternoon to say, ‘Hi!’

C’ya next week.


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