Thanksgiving, KPIs and Other Miscellaneous Notes

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating Thanksgiving in the United States this week.  Remember Thanksgiving, it’s the holiday before Black Friday.  You know, the holiday between The Great Pumpkin and It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas.  Yeah, sort of the forgotten holiday.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

Some of you may know that when I was at the PASS Summit last week I talked to some of the Microsoft folks about a problem I noticed when defining KPIs using the version of PowerPivot that comes with Office 2013 and even the KPIs used in the Tabular model of SSAS in SQL Server 2012.  It appears that when you define a KPI and associate an icon set with the KPI definition the selected set does not ‘stick’ with the definition.  Rather you always get the first set consisting of a red circle, a yellow circle and a green circle.  Functionally the KPI works correctly assigning the correct colored circle to each of the ranges in the KPI.  It just does not ‘remember’ which icon set you selected.  Well of course you should expect that considering these two products share some of the same DLLs.  So it should not be a really big surprise that if it does not work in one, that it might not work in the other.  (Yes, it did work in the original release of PowerPivot for Excel 2010 that came out about two years ago.)

Anyway, after demonstrating this problem to the Microsoft folks, they promised to get back to me, and they did on Thursday of this week.  They suggested that it may be a problem with the community release and that the final release of Office 2013 and perhaps even SP1 of SQL Server 2012 may fix this.  I intended try upgrading my demo machine after SQL Saturday this past Saturday (Tampa BI edition:  Because I was scheduled to do two presentations, I really did not want to take a chance of last minute changes to my machine until after the presentations.  I would have been partway into updating my machine as you read this on its publish date, but something serious has come up which will delay me at least a week.  It also probably means that I will not have a blog post this Saturday.  However, it is Thanksgiving and many of you probably are still recovering from all that Thanksgiving eating and shopping.

So, unless someone else beats me to it and tests the KPI icons with SP1 of SQL Server 2012 and posts their results as a comment to the blog, I will probably not get to try this until sometime next week.  I also hope you will give me a pass at missing this coming Saturday’s post, but it will all become clear next week when I expect to resume my normal schedule of postings on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Until then, C’ya.


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