February is History Month

February is designated as Black History month.  Isn’t that just a bit prejudice?  No, I am not saying the issue is as simple as being black or white.  What I am asking though is what about all the other groups that make up our society?  What about American Indian History Month? Asian History Month? Latino History Month? Jewish History Month? Arab History Month? …

I could go on, but I hope you get the point.  It should not be about any one racial, ethnic or religious group because they all have contributed to our shared history.  Some contributions have been positive and some have been negative.  However they are all important.  We should look at history as a large social experiment that we can learn from and improve upon.  John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’  Isn’t that history?

Not all of history is pretty. In fact, much of it is pretty ugly.  People sometimes have a tendency to tune out when things get bad.  This often allows things to get even worse.  I think that is largely true of today’s general political apathy because too many think there is nothing they can do to fix the problems in this country much less the world.  However ignoring problems do not make them go away.  More likely, it encourages people with ‘evil’ intentions or self-centered narcissism to seize control and fashion history to meet their needs and goals, not necessarily what is best for the general population, individual interest groups or much less you and I.  Studying all history helps you see trends, both good and bad and helps you better prepare to guide the future rather than to let life just happen to you.  Your plans may not always work, but at least you tried.  That takes effort and it can be hard.  John Lennon also said, ‘Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.’  The moral is, don’t walk around with your eyes closed.

I’m recommending that we all open our eyes to what is happening around us.  Study history to see what it can tell you about trends and patterns you see repeating today.  Listen to news from a variety of sources because each one is biased in their own way.  That includes news from outside of your country.  I personally recommend the BBC as one outside view of things happening in United States, but there are others.  Keep in mind that today’s current events are tomorrow’s history.

I am sitting here looking at a painting on the other side of the room.  Every color in that painting contributes to the overall beauty of the picture.  The same is true of every race, culture, religious group, etc. in the picture of the human race.  Therefore, let’s make February a true history month, not just about one race, as great as their contributions have been, but a multi-cultural history month.

C’ya next time.


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