Global Warming/Climate Change – Is It Real?

Every time the temperature gets too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, or too windy, or too rainy, or too whatever, someone is either pointing at global warming as the reason or alternately as proof that global warming does not exist. Of course the Earth’s climate has always been variable over long periods of time, even periods as short as a few thousand years, but that in of itself does not prove or disprove anything.  While we may be coming out of a relatively cool period, perhaps even a mini ice age, man’s polluting of this planet has been evident for decades.  At the same time, I don’t believe any one country can make a difference if so many large developing nations view any curtailment of their perceived economic development in the name of heading off climate change as nothing more than a ploy to keep them poor and underdeveloped.

On another but similar note, I just saw something on the Internet that plots what they believe to be an increase in the number of meteors streaking through the atmosphere making large booms.  Really?  Something going through the atmosphere faster than the speed of sound is making a boom?  Anyway, they claim that this is proof that an even larger object could be heading our way.  Last year it was the Mayan calendar and the planet Niburu.  When those disasters did not occur, they had to come up with something else I suppose.  Late night conspiracies are quite entertaining from one point of view with one expert saying one thing.  Another expert then says something exactly the opposite.  Each have irrefutable facts to back up their opinion.  Who and what is one to believe?  All this does is muddy up real research and blur the lines between valid skepticism and outright refusal to accept facts.

Many people find all of these predictions of disaster annoying, maybe even disturbing.  Some may even live in fear that the next global catastrophe is just around the corner.  Ultimately it makes recognizing the difference between the real pending disasters and the artificial ones difficult for many people.  It also makes it difficult to mobilize people to head off real pending disasters that they might be able to do something about from those that, if true, are not preventable.   The bottom line is that for me, I find most of them amusing.  I’ve always been a fan of science fiction.  Many of these predictions sound like the lead-in to a great science fiction story.  In fact, some of us at work sometimes take one or two of these stories or maybe even make up an entirely new one and spin our own ‘conspiracy’ theory.  I’m sure if we published some of these on the right Internet sites, more than a few people might just believe our theory was true.  Don’t believe it?  Ok let’s give it a try.

Astronomers have reported a comet, designated as Comet ISON, heading toward earth and due to arrive later this year.  They say that the comet will not get within 42 million kilometers of the earth.  Sounds like pretty far away.  After all, that is almost half the distance from the Earth to the sun.  What they did not tell you is that the orbit will be displaced twice as it rounds the sun by a close approach to first Mars and then Mercury which will deflect the orbit of the comet just enough to send it on a course right between the Earth and the Moon. The one hope is that it’s closest approach to the sun will be 1.8 million kilometers and considering that the sun’s diameter is only 1.4 million kilometers, it could simply vaporize completely.

While not considered a serious threat at first, astronomers admit that they cannot predict for sure whether these deflection will send the comet through is a window between the Earth and the Moon, a keyhole so to speak, that if the comet comes through at the right time could deflect the comet just enough for it to skim the upper atmosphere or even to crash into the Earth.

Because of the fear of mass panic by the public if they really thought that this comet could hit the earth and possibly cause an extinction event as great as the one that destroyed the dinosaurs, it was decided by all the world governments to suppress this information.  In the meantime, the governments of United States and the Soviet Union and even China have been secretly working with an alien race that has been visiting this planet ever since the late 1940’s to get all of the high government officials off the planet just before the comet’s approach.

In fact, it was only recently learned through confidential sources that the entire reason the comet is coming into the inner solar system is because a competing alien race to the one these governments have been working with deflected the comet from the outer reaches of our solar system’s Oort cloud over 10 years ago sending it on a course to destroy their enemy’s latest new friends in the galaxy, us.  Unfortunately, by the time our alien friends discovered this, it was too late for them to deflect the comet away.  Therefore, their only choice was to work with our government to evacuate as many humans as they can with their massive starships sitting on the far side of the moon.

Most people will not even know about the evacuation before it occurs because the aliens have a technology that allows them to transport people directly to their waiting space ships.  (Did you think that Star Trek came up with the transporter system on their own?)  By using implanted bio-electronic RFID chips that are custom coded to the individual and micro-miniaturized by the alien’s technology, they will be able to remotely identify and transport only the individuals on the list of those who will be saved.  Of course, to hide their plan they will make everyone get one of these RFID chips by using the claim that they will help monitor the individual’s health and make recommendations to improve their well being.  The bottom line is that when the time comes, people will disappear in the twinkle of an eye and no one will know what happened to them.  Fortunately, they will not have much time to think about before everyone realizes that the comet is really not going to miss the earth.

Making up stories is fun isn’t it?  Unfortunately as H.G. Wells found out with his famous War of the Worlds broadcast, you run the risk that some people will think the story is true and not a work of fiction.  That is why so many are confused as to whether global climate change is real or not.

C’ya next time.

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One comment on “Global Warming/Climate Change – Is It Real?

  1. Hi, Mike….I don’t think there’s much dispute that we are going through a mode of climate change. But here’s the thing…is it “man-made?” There is growing consensus that the man-made aspect has been over-stated. Even some of the European climate-change people who were accused of fudging data a few years ago have come out more recently to the U.N. and have stated that the man-made aspect has been inflated.

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