Honest Things That Can Get You Into Trouble Today

The other day I came across an article that reported on a supposed FBI and Dept of Justice flyer sent to businesses in 2012 to help spot “suspicious activity” so that it could be reported as potential terrorist activity.  Some of the ridiculous things mentioned I really have to question such as:

People who are over concerned about privacy and attempt to shield the screen from the view of others especially when entering their PIN numbers for their debit cards.  Honestly, I’d just as soon not use a debit card if I have to let people watch my fingers key in the PIN number.  Since when has privacy become bad?

But wait, if I want to pay cash, another item is to be aware of people who always pay cash or use credit card(s) in different names.  Now I don’t know how many businesses will remember that you came back to the store and used a credit card in different names.  However, what constitutes a different name?  On some of my credit cards I have my middle initial and on others I don’t.  Some have my name as Michael and other have it as Mike.  And when I don’t use a credit card I typically use cash.  You know, that thing called legal tender in the old United States of America that I grew up in and believed in.  OH NO!  They are probably on to me now.

Observed using multiple cell phones.  Guilty!  Since my wife died in March of this year, I carry both her cell phone and mine because people are still calling on her number and I need to get those calls and messages.  I guess that makes me a suspicious character also.

Being someplace “you don’t belong.”  I guess I really want a better definition of this one because it seems so arbitrary.

Having a missing hand or fingers.  Thankfully this is not my problem.  However my deceased father was missing a finger, lost during WWII fighting for the freedoms of this country and other freedom-loving countries.  He was a prisoner of war and barely made it out alive.  But he was missing a finger so I guess if he was alive today, he would be a suspect.

Wearing a backpack when the weather is warm.  Really officer, it just my computer from work that I carry back and forth from work to home and back again.  It is not the master control to some evil device invented by Khan Noonien Singh (Ok, that is a reference to Star Trek so don’t freak out on me.  I just saw the new movie over the weekend.).  Good thing our schools are going to digital curriculum so students don’t have to carry books back and forth between school and home in a backpack.  What’s that you say, they haven’t been carrying books home for years anyway?

Conducting financial transactions in bursts of activities within a short period of time, especially in previously dormant accounts.  WOW AM I IN TROUBLE NOW.  With having to handle the estates for both my father-in-law and my wife over the last few months I had to transfer accounts from banks to banks opening and closing accounts, some of which had no activity for years.

Of course this entire blog probably now falls under the ‘Making suspicious comments or anti-U.S. sentiments that appear to be out-of-place and provocative.’  I assure you that they are not out-of-place but very much in-place especially if common sense is being cast aside by blindly following rules.  In fact, I am probably more pro-U.S.  but with a greater degree of common sense and with my eyes wide open to what is happening to our freedoms.  A few months ago I wrote a blog entry called something like, ‘WWJD?’, which actually stood for, ‘What Would Jefferson Do?’  I wonder what he would say to these new guidelines.

Oh, a few final things that could get you in trouble:  Don’t communicate through a PC game or by using VOIP (does SKYPE count?  What about instant messaging?).  Don’t travel illogical distances to use Internet Cafes even if the local ones are crowded or cost more or have antiquated hardware or software or they have better food or cheaper coffee at the other location.  Don’t display an interest in remote-controlled aircraft.  (You know I have wondered about those people in malls selling remote controlled helicopters that they fly around inside the mall that nearly hit the people walking through the mall.)  And finally, don’t buy coffee with cash on a regular basis. HUH?  Coffee?  What if it is in the Internet Café?

C’ya next time.


One comment on “Honest Things That Can Get You Into Trouble Today

  1. Oh boy! I pay cash for coffee, fly radio control helicopters, hide my computer screen, oh and I have two knee implants.
    I love the USA but common sense doesn’t seem to be common any more..

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