Monster Trucks and Turn Signals

Today I came out of work and walked to my car in the parking garage to find a monster truck parked next to me where there was a small passenger vehicle before.  You see, I generally look for a spot in the garage that will not block my view of cars coming down the lane while I pull out.  Several years ago my daughter was pulling out of a parking spot in which her view was blocked by a monster truck and another person speeding through the parking lot tried to go around her but got clipped on the side of their car by the back of my daughter’s car.  In the ‘infinite wisdom’ of the local police, they blamed my daughter for hitting the other car while she was pulling out.  The problem is that from the inside of many cars, it is not possible to see if a car is coming down the lane when a monster truck or van without windows is totally blocking the view.  In order to see, you have to pull out a little, but even pulling out of the spot slowly is no guarantee to that impatient driver who tries to get around you instead of stopping to let you out.

In my opinion, I believe that the person coming down the lane should be responsible instead because they have the best view of any cars that might be attempting to back out of a spot.  Even if you try to park next to a smaller vehicle or at least one that has windows that you can see through (remind me about the dangers of dark tint on glass),  that car or truck can leave and someone else can take the spot before you leave.  And if that someone else is a monster truck with a truck bed that has sides higher than the roof of your car or is a van with no windows or is any vehicle with dark window tinting, your ability to back out safely is reduced if not eliminated.

But then no one every said that laws were meant to be fair.  Laws are created only so that people do not have to think logically about a situation.  They attempt to define the black and white of issue that really are shades of grey.  Another example is the use of turn signals.

I guess I never realized that turn signals were not really meant to tell others about your intention to turn when it was safe.  Rather it appears that turn signals are meant to give you warning that the other driver is about to cut in front of you and you had better have one foot already moving to the break to allow them in.  This often occurs when long lines occur at intersections.  Rather than wait their turn in the line to make their turn, these drivers run up the adjacent lane until they get to the intersection, turn on their signal, and then cut in front of you to make the turn at the last minute.  I suppose the turn signal is really meant to tell you stop because their need to get to their destination is far more important than your need to get home, to work, or anywhere else.  Furthermore, if you do not have your foot on the break and actually hit them as they cut in front of you, the police will rule that the accident was your fault because you hit them with the front of your car and you apparently did not have control of your vehicle.  Never mind the fact that they cut you off the last minute.  The law divides black and white so no thought needs to occur and blame can be assessed without any real analysis of what really happened.

Finally there are those drivers who use exit and entrance lanes for turn offs of major highways as a passing lane to get around other traffic and at the last minute turn on the turn signal to cut back into a normal traffic lane because they really were not getting off at the exit, they just wanted to get a few cars ahead of where they were.

Now not all drivers are this crazy, but it only takes a few to raise the stress level of your drive to work or your drive home.  Perhaps these are the same people who wait until just before lunch or just before it is time to go home to come to your office and tell you that they need you to work on a project that is an emergency and needs to be done before 1 PM or perhaps before the next morning.  The fact that they may have known about the tasks for several hours but were “too busy” to come to you earlier never crossed their mind.  Perhaps your boss only comes by your desk with a new urgent task 5 minutes before you are about to go home.  Did they really not know about the task before that?  Did they just wait until 5 minutes before the end of the day just to see if you left your desk early?  Or do they just get a powergasm of controlling your life not only at work, but your home life as well?  Is this the same mindset as the driver that cuts you off at the last minute because their time is more important than yours?

Yes there will be emergencies and some times events like these are the result of  those emergencies.  However, the frequency in which these types of things occur begs the question whether these people are just under the stress of the moment or if they are just so ego-centric that nothing else and no one else matters.  If you know someone like that can you talk to them about it?  Or will they resent you for presuming that you know how they should live their lives.  The net result though is that it seems like the level of inconsiderate behavior that has a direct affect on others is rising.  Maybe we should all think about that next time before we cut around someone just to gain a few car-lengths.

C’ya next time


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