Worse than the Spanish Flu?

Here is a follow-up to my post from yesterday:

The Spanish Flu of 1918 killed between 20-40 million people worldwide and 675,000 Americans in 1918 out of a population of only 103 million Americans.  Today the United States’ population is 330 million which would translate into 2,162 million American deaths. The death count stands at 816,436 today. Thus, we would need to nearly triple the number of deaths to surpass the Spanish Flu death rate as a function of the population. In fact, if ‘only’ 1 in 250 Americans who get COVID die, we would need an additional 336 million people to get COVID to have the deaths surpass the equivalent Spanish Flu death count. That would mean infecting everyone in the US with COVID plus an extra 6 million that we don’t have. Let’s hope that is not a goal. Get vaccinated! Avoid crowds!

Ok, COVID is not funny, but isn’t it ‘fun’ to play with statistics?  

2 comments on “Worse than the Spanish Flu?

  1. Excellent posts, and excellent points, Mike. I believe there’s been intentional bias in presenting COVID-19 data, and of course there’s bias in the media presentation since fearmongering sells more newspapers/clicks than “things are going well.”


    Stay Positive | Test Negative.

    • Thanks for the kind remarks, Barry. I’m retired and have moved on from SharePoint to other things and fighting bias has been one thing I’ve been doing lately.

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