They Were There All Along

How much of the rise in COVID-19 cases is due to the great increase in testing these last two weeks of 2021 as people rush to get tested before going to visit friends and family or to attend end-of-year parties? How many of the people who test positive have no symptoms or minor symptoms that they might otherwise have attributed to common cold or normal flu for this time of year? Could they have had COVID all along? I’m not sure I have the answer to those questions. However, I believe those questions should be asked to prevent any unnecessary fear from spreading through the population. Perhaps many of these cases are discovered in people who did not have symptoms. The authorities do not report whether the tests were conducted on people with symptoms. That’s too bad. However, what I can say is that we’ve all seen lines of people getting tested these last two weeks. Even here in Seminole County, Florida (just north or Orlando) we had an event the other day in which people lined up for literally miles to go to a local college to either get tested or to get a home test kit. It almost looked like an evacuation with clogged roads like a bad case of arterial cholesterol. At the same time, a few months ago, a similar event held at the same location was almost unattended.

Almost everything I’ve been hearing from major health organizations is that this mutation is not as severe as others, just more contagious. Again, I don’t know if that is inherently true or if it is because more people are vaccinated and therefore, even if they get COVID in their system, it cannot result in the severe symptoms that it might cause in unvaccinated people.

Finally, I want to add my sympathies to the death of Harry Reid at age 82. He was a Senate Democratic leader, but let’s put politics aside for the moment and honor this man who gave many years of his life in service to this country.

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