I am currently the Assistant Director of Web Services for Orange County Public Schools in Orlando, FL where I manages the SharePoint portal team implementing the Internet, intranet, collaboration, project, team, and school sites. Our team is also responsible for multiple .Net custom applications around the district. In June of 2010, I published my 7th book: Office and SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide.  I have been an avid FoxBase/FoxPro user since 1989, SQL Server user since 1998 and SharePoint since 2007.  (Looks like I’m on a 9 year cycle.)

My published books include:

  • Office and SharePoint 2010 User’s Guide, Apress
  • Office and SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide, Apress
  • Using Visual Foxpro 5, Que
  • Using Visual FoxPro 3.0 for Windows, Que
  • Debugging and Maintaining FoxPro Applications, Microtrend
  • FoxPro 2 Programming Guide, Microtrend
  • User’s Guide to the Apple II

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  1. Hi, I am new to using PowerPivot and I was wondering if you could help me out a little. I need to produce multiple charts of fortnightly data, and I was wondering if it was possible to use just 1 slicer to select the list of dates (It goes by day, so I have to choose 14 dates manually), but output it to separate graphs? Thanks.

    • Create the slicer for the first chart/table as normal. Then, go to the sheet that has your chart(s). Click in the chart you want to add the slicer to select it. From the Tools ribbon, find the Insert Slicer button in the Sort & Filter group. Click the bottom portion of the button (with the down arrow) and select from the popup menu, Slicer Connection. The dialog that appears shows all previously defined slicers in the current workbook. Select the one you want to reuse. You can reuse a slicer for as many table/charts as you want. Then when you change the ‘master’ slicer options, all tables and charts will be updated automatically.

      • Hi, thanks for your reply but that wasn’t really what I meant. Sorry if my question confused you, but what I would like to do (if possible) is to generate multiple charts from one slicer such that I get a chart for 1st July – 15th July, then another one for 16th July – 30th July, and so on. Therefore, if I choose a range of dates from the slicer, it produces graph A, then if I choose another set of dates, it produces graph B, etc.

        Is it possible to do so with one slicer, or is there a more efficient way of doing it?

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